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Welcome to my little corner of the web!

RJH Graphics has been designing and managing websites for entrepreneurs and small business owners for nearly ten years. Originally, this site was a basic showcase for a number of print projects that I've worked on, but recently, nearly every project I've been asked to do has been online, so that is my main focus now.

My primary goal with any client is to create W3C compliant websites that can be viewed consistently across different browsers, help them grow their own businesses, build client lists, and help manage their online presence. The list of services offered ranges from simply setting up a static website all the way to complete virtual assistant services, integrating sites with CRM and E-Commerce services such as Infusionsoft, Professional Cart Solutions, Constant Contact and others.

The latest fields that I've been working into are creating WordPress-based sites for clients who would like to manage their own content, and researching responsive design to ensure that a client's web presence looks consistent, regardless of what medium (computers vs. mobile devices) is being used.

The internet is changing rapidly and RJH Graphics is ready to help your business succeed. You can view some of the recent websites I've worked on here, and there's also a page of testimonials from some of my current clients.

So if you are looking for assistance moving your business online and find yourself in need of any assistance with getting started or with virtual assistant services, you can send me an email and if we're a good fit, I would love to hear what your business needs are and if RJH Graphics can help your business succeed and thrive in the ever-changing online world..

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